Classical astrologers name the Third House as the Goddess House

This article explores what it means to be the Goddess house citing the example of author Louisa May Alcott.

* Published: UK's AA Journal, Mar/Apr 2004, Vol 46, No 2. Download PDF File

Navigating Mid-life

This article explores the transition that many of us experience in the middle of our lives: the corresponding outer planet transits.

Published: AA Journal, Jan/Feb 2003. Vol 45, No 1, p49. Download PDF File

Introductions To Lunar MansionsThe Arabs And The Moon

This article explores the fascinating system of Lunar Mansions; this has lost some of its significance through the years, and many modern astrologers may not even be aware of its existence. This article is a result of personal exploration of the Arab's Lunar Mansion system, with an emphasis on its possible application to Natal astrology.

* Published: FAA Journal, Dec 2000. Vol 30, No 4, p4. Download PDF File

This article has been translated into Turkish and can be read by clicking on the link:

The Essentials Of Essential Dignity

* The Essential Dignities are the building blocks of medieval and classical astrology, and therefore an ideal starting point for gaining an insight into medieval astrology. This article is meant as a short introduction to the significance of the Essential Dignities of the PlanetsDomicile, Exaltation, Triplicity, Term and Face.

* Published: UK's AA Journal, Nov/Dec 1997, Vol 39, No 6. Download PDF File

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