Classical astrologers name the Third House as the Goddess House

This article explores what it means to be the Goddess house citing the example of author Louisa May Alcott.

Published: UK’s AA Journal, Mar/Apr 2004, Vol 46, No 2. Download PDF File

Navigating Mid-life

This article explores the transition that many of us experience in the middle of our lives: the corresponding outer planet transits.

Published: AA Journal, Jan/Feb 2003. Vol 45, No 1, p49. Download PDF File

Introductions To Lunar Mansions: The Arabs And The Moon

This article explores the fascinating system of Lunar Mansions; this has lost some of its significance through the years, and many modern astrologers may not even be aware of its existence. This article is a result of personal exploration of the Arab’s Lunar Mansion system, with an emphasis on its possible application to Natal astrology.

Published: FAA Journal, Dec 2000. Vol 30, No 4, p4. Download PDF File

This article has been translated into Turkish and can be read by clicking on the link:

The Essentials Of Essential Dignity

The Essential Dignities are the building blocks of medieval and classical astrology, and therefore an ideal starting point for gaining an insight into medieval astrology. This article is meant as a short introduction to the significance of the Essential Dignities of the PlanetsDomicile, Exaltation, Triplicity, Term and Face.

Published: UK’s AA Journal, Nov/Dec 1997, Vol 39, No 6. Download PDF File