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Astrology Consultation AUD$155

Consultation – This entitles clients to an astrology consultation of approximately one hour which includes an appraisal of your birth chart and a year’s predictive work including any questions that you may have about your love life, career or any other area of your life, plus a recording (CD for personal readings, digital files for Skype consultations). This fee also includes preparation of all charts and a predictive interpretations report.

Ongoing Astrology Consultancy (1 year) AUD$495

The consultancy package entitles you to ongoing astrology support and guidance with regular sessions. You’ll receive on-going personal astrology information and personal forecasts every three months (or more regularly if you choose). Your Ongoing Consultancy will include an initial Astrology Consultation (usual cost $150) plus three more sessions during the course of the year. These three follow-up sessions can be either a follow-up phone consultation or an email enquiry – the choice is yours. You can also choose whether or not to space your consultancy over the course of one year, or more frequently depending on the urgency of your queries.

Chart Rectification AUD$160

Rectification – This specialized service is available for anyone who does not know their birth time. Your fee entitles you to the services of an astrologer who will undertake a complex procedure of matching dates to astrological events with the view to finding a time for you. The fee covers all communications and all work. The end result is a working birth chart.

Relationship Consultation AUD$250

Relationship consultation – This entitles you to an astrology consultation including preparation of charts, an approximately one and a half hour consultation plus a recording (CD for personal readings, digital files for Skype consultations). The chart preparation covers two people’s birth charts plus relationship astrology work such as synastry and composite charts.

Astrology Birth Chart report (PDF Email) AUD$45

This entitles you to 1 x your choice of astrology reports. You can see your options at