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Seeing With Stars allows you to generate both an astrological chart and an astrological report, right here from your browser. You can submit the required information and have the results returned almost immediately! To begin, please select what kind of chart or report you are looking for.

Astrological Chart ( Free )

This service will allow you to obtain a chart drawing based on your personal details. To begin, press the button below and start by entering your information!

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Astrological Report ( USD$19.95 ). Special offer $15 until December 31st 2017

There are a few different types of reports that you can generate here at Seeing With Stars. A Birth Report, a Synastry Report comparing differences between two people, and a Transits Report. To begin, press the button below and start to enter your information as required for each type of report you need.

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Book a Consultation ( AUD$155 )

Want to have a consultation with Stephanie Johnson? Take a look at the available consultation types and get started today! She can provide a range of services, including one-off consultations, ongoing consultations across the period of a year, chart rectification, relationship consultations, and even astrology birth chart report consultations.

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Want to offer your own Astrological Charts and Reports Online?

Take a look at the Stars WebService: an Astrological Chart generator & professional Astrological Report writer designed specifically for websites. More information is available at the following page.

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