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A Brilliant Astrological Chart generator & professional Astro Report writer designed specifically for websites.

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This great web service has been carefully produced to enable you to offer a Chart Service, sell Birth, Synastry and Transit reports directly to visitors to your website. With our Stars WebService visitors can view their birth chart and order and keep a report. Reports can be saved to the browser or as PDFs. These wonderfully pre-written reports have been painstakingly compiled by professional astrologer and writer Stephanie Johnson.

Need to create reports in your own style? Straight forward: you can customise (write) your own Birth, Synastry or Transit reports. Very intuitive – your web designer does not have to know anything about astrology. We provide full instructions and files that can be used.

Stars Webservice is our way of supporting and announcing your astrology business. Contact our friendly and professional team to find out details and pricing.

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